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I started making websites around 1997. At that time, websites weren't built to make money or market oneself. Instead, they were built (slowly and by hand) to share passions and interests with other people. Although they didn't contain near the information an average Facebook profile does, they were more personal. Every color, font, and design decision was made by the webmaster. It was an online extension of a person, but without the whole "Hey, look at me. I'm so cool. Look what I ate/did/vacationed."

When people talk about the early Geocities/Tripod/Xoom pages today, its usually in a mocking tone. They poke fun at the flashing gifs, scrolling text, and bright colors. It's a shame, because things might have a been a bit on the gaudy side, but at least everything didn't look the same. It's not like today where every Facebook or Twitter page looks identical or how every blog is made from a template that five thousand other people are using. I miss the creativity and uniqueness from the internet fifteen years ago. And I'm grateful that Neocities has provided a platform for myself and others who feel the same way I do to bring back some of the creativity and share or passions and interests with the world.

The design of this site is a love letter to those sites of old that are now abandoned or worse yet, lost forever.
I hope you enjoy your time here at Myers Writes.

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